Raised in a winemaking family in Fleurie, Yann Bertrand never thought he would grow up to become a winemaker. He briefly enrolled in commerce at a local university, then travelled around the French Alps for a few years. When applying for local jobs, he noted that he was the son of a vigneron. He soon found himself working at wine bars and wine shops, surrounded by passionate wine geeks and artisan winemakers. Tasting wines in a new way, Yann began questioning his path and taking a greater interest. He decided to pursue winemaking after all, driven by the same passion he saw in the new role models he had encountered in these formative years.

Returning to Beaujolais, Yann began to learn from the incredible circle of producers that he never knew before – including well known artisans like Jean Foillard and Yvon Metras. Upon his return he revolutionized the family Domaine, and these days Yann is referenced alongside his mentors and among the top tier of Beaujolais producers. The entire Domaine of Famille Bertrand encompasses 7.5 hectares mostly in Fleurie with a bit over the line in Morgon. The vineyards are between 30 and 110 years old. His parents had been slowly moving in the direction of organic viticulture since they took over the family domaine in 1992, and in 2013, the entire vineyard was certified organic.

  • Fleurie ‘Phénix’
  • Fleurie ‘Cuvée du Chaos’