Waterkloof is situated on the south-facing slopes of the Schapenberg, a mere two miles from the False Bay coast.  Waterkloof is nestled at 300 metres above sea level, with vineyards rising to 1,000 meters above sea level, between the Hottentots-Holland and Helderberg mountains.  From the outset, it was decided that half of the farm should be set aside to preserve the rare and abundant natural vegetation, fauna and flora (fynbos) situated on the property, an extremely important step in preserving the eco-system of the area. In May 2008, Waterkloof was awarded Champion Status by the World Wildlife Fund’s Biodiversity & Wine Initiative, for its enterprising endeavors in this regard. It was in this same year that the entire property was converted to be a fully-fledged biodynamic farm.  All fruit is hand-picked and horses are used to work the vineyards to keep their Carbon footprint small. With a mix of sandstone and granitic soils, these wines are made not with a heavy hand in the cellar but with an eye towards showing the terroir. Everything is hand sorted, fermented with native yeasts in large oak barrels with extended macerations and gravity flow to age.  These are honest, naturally balanced wines, imbued with their own character and sense of place.

  • Circumstance Cinsault Seriously Cool Stellenbosch
  • Circumstance Cabernet Sauvignon Stellenbosch
  • Circumstance Cabernet Franc Stellenbosch
  • Merlot Circumstance Stellenbosch
  • Boreas Stellenbosch