Rioja-The importance of Remelluri to Spain and Rioja specifically, cannot be overstated, as this is one of the most important historic vineyards of Europe. The Remelluri estate’s origins date back to the 14th century when monks from the Toloño monastery founded a farm at the holy site. The monks later abandoned the area, but local hermits continued to maintain the shrine there while the Real Divisa, a local community organization, maintained the farms to accommodate the needs of pilgrims on the Santiago de Campostella trail who came to pray at the sanctuary.

The modern winery was established in 1967 when Jaime Rodríguez Salis purchased the vineyards at the heart of the former estate. Since then Remelluri has been devoted to recovering the old lands and tradition of this historic estate and restoring the original vineyards. The vineyards at Remelluri are at the highest elevation in the Rioja region, south-facing and protected from the prevailing winds and frost. It is the unique microclimate of this area that gives the wines of Remelluri their personality. The grapes at Remelluri are always the last picked at harvest time. Organic farming principles have always been utilized here to ensure that the wine remains true to its unique terruño.

Telmo Rodriguez, one of Spain’s brightest vignerons, makes the wines with his sister Amaya tending to the vineyards. The vision of the future of the estate is centered around a focus on place. Telmo is changing the dialog from one of aging methods, and even varietals, to one of sites and terrior. As the estate reclaims vineyard sites, Telmo is handpicking the varieties best suited to the specific microclimate of each plot. He is also refocusing on old trellis styles, such as bush vine training.

  • Rioja Blanco  
  • Lindes de Remelluri Rioja Viñedos de Labastida
  • Lindes de Remelluri Rioja Viñedos de San Vicente
  • Rioja Lindes de Remelluri Viñedos de Ábalos
  • Rioja Lindes De Remelluri Viñedos De Peciña
  • Rioja Lindes De Remelluri Viñedos De Salinillas De Buradón
  • Rioja Lindes De Remelluri Viñedos De Rivas De Tereso
  • Rioja Reserva – also available in 375ml
  • Rioja Gran Reserva