Podere San Cristoforo produces quality organic wine using innovative natural methods, producing wines that contain nothing but grapes and the lowest dose of sulphites. In the vineyard they farm biodynamically, only use copper and sulfur, and reward biodiversity safeguarding this little corner of Tuscany.

In biodynamics: diligent viticulture, low yields, little use of technology and a great deal of manual labor become essential. At Podere San Cristoforo there’s an accurate management of the soil and of the leaf canopy -exposing the fruit to sunlight and to the wind – there are decisions regarding vineyard best sites, the optimum plant density and clonal selection. There’s attention to small details, like harvesting at night and sorting grapes by removing broken, dried or unripe berries before the fermentation. This results in wines whose origin we can recognize at first sip: wine that may not always be as perfect technically or as constant year in, year out, as those to which we may have become accustomed, but which undoubtedly display more marked character.

  • Amaranto – 100% Sangiovese
  • Carandelle – 100% Sangiovese