Penedes – Pares Balta is a family owned traditional winery that goes back to 1790. Located in the Penedes, they are winemakers with a long tradition but with new and fresh ideas. The company is guided into a new era of high quality wine production under the management of Joan and Josep Cusine and the unconditional help of their father Joan Cuisine Cuisine. They produce high-quality wines and Cavas with grapes from their five estates, situated around the winery and in the mountains of Penedes. The altitude varies from 170 to 750 meters above sea-level and offers a diverse mixture of soils and microclimates. That gives a special personality to their wines by bringing the essence of the Mediterranean ecosystem to our grapes.

  • Blanc de Pacs 2016
  • Calcari 2016
  • Cava NV
  • Ros de Pacs 2017
  • Dominio Romano Camino        Limited Availability – By Special Order Only
  • Indigena 2012
  • Mas Elena 2013
  • Mas Petit 2015
  • 2PiR 2011