Bàrbara Mesquida Mora established the groundbreaking Mesquida Mora winery in Mallorca in 2012 near the town of Porreres, producing wines in the DO Plà i Llevant and VdlT Mallorca designations in the southern and eastern areas of the island. Bàrbara’s wines form a rich mosaic recalling the diversity of Mallorca varieties while also representing the history of her pioneering winemaking family, with her own unique futuristic vision.

Upon leaving behind the winery created by her pioneering great-grandfather in 1945 in Porreres, Bàrbara started her project from scratch with historic vineyards inherited from her mother. Previously, Bàrbara managed the family winery for eight years, from 2004 until 2012, and was one of Spain’s first Demeter biodynamic certifications in 2007. Bàrbara has not only been a passionate practitioner of organic and biodynamic viticulture for more than two decades; she has also introduced a regenerative agriculture approach through encouraging biodiversity within her estate vineyards.

Her passion has recently taken her to plant more than one hundred fruit trees throughout her vineyards, further encouraging the biodiversity of her environment, which promotes regeneration of the soil. Once found throughout pre-tourism Mallorca, this interconnectedness is the blueprint for the direction of her project in the future. When Bàrbara’s great-grandfather Jaume Mesquida, a peasant in poor, rural Mallorca, opened a small winery in 1945, vines and fruit trees were mixed in the vineyards as the apricot industry was a major business in the village of Porreres. Among many other things, by planting new grape varieties and bringing the first stainless steel tanks to the island, Jaume Mesquida contributed to the renaissance of wine in the Balearics.

  • Mallorca Sincronia Blanc 
  • Mallorca Acrollam Blanc
  • Mallorca Sincronia Negre
  • Mallorca Trispol Negre
  • Mallorca Sòtil