A very small estate on the north slope of Mount Etna. Le Vigne di Eli was made possible when Marco de Grazia was offered two fo the most coveted, tiny vineyards on Etna. These little parcels did not produce enough fruit for his larger winery, Tenuta delle Terre Nere. He says the small, beautiful vineyards reminded him of his daughter and so he decided to create a new, tiny winery dedicated to her. These are truly fine wines that showcase the freshness, delicacy, and complexity that inspire the best Etna wines to be compared to the great Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo producers of the world.

  • Etna Bianco – 80% Carricante | 20% Catarratto
  • Etna Rosso – 98% Nerello Mascalese | 2% Nerello Cappuccio
  • Etna Rosso ‘Moganazzi-Volta Sciara’ – 98% Nerello Mascalese | 2% Nerello Cappuccio