Valerio Zenato’s farm is one of the most dynamic areas of production in Lugana DOC today. From above, the landscape is a patch-work of farms and vineyards just southwest of San Benedetto. Nestled less than a mile from the lakeshore, the view to the north reveals a glimpse of the foothills that ultimately rise into the Alps. The farm has developed over 30 hectares of vineyards divided in three estates, two in San Benedetto di Lugana and one near the Sirmione Palace, in the agricultural area nearest to Lake Garda. For three generations the Zenato family have been caretakers of this pristine ecosystem. To ensure that they protect the delicate balance of this environment, they take the extra step of using organic fertilizers and natural substances from the vineyards to the cellar.

  • Mandolara Lugana
  • Chiaretto
  • Bardolino