La Comarcal is a small project by two good friends…who also happen to be two of Spain’s brightest rising-star winemakers: Javi Revert and Victor Marqués. Located in the village of Venta del Moro in the Valencia D.O., La Comarcal (“The District”) is a young winery founded in 2017 with the inspiration to make delicious, youthful wines—new expressions based on the old mountain vineyards of native Valencian grape varieties. They farm with certified organic viticulture, exclusively use native yeasts, and employ only judicious use of sulfur.

The entries into their range are the village wines named Delmoro. Delmoro Blanco comes from vineyards near the village of Venta del Moro, a blend of young and old vines from the indigenous merseguera and chardonnay. Vineyards are planted on calcareous clay soil at an altitude of around 600 meters, with a continental climate heavily influenced by the Mediterranean Sea. Delmoro Blanco is well-balanced and exotic, with notable texture and energy, a perfect accompaniment to the incredible foods of Valencia.

Delmoro Tinto comes from vineyards near the village of Venta del Moro between 15 and 50 years old. The garnacha that makes up 85% of the blend comes from a 4ha single vineyard called Guindal planted in 1987 at 600m. Bush-trained, old-vine syrah makes up the remainder of the blend. Delmoro Tinto is a Mediterranean red with great freshness and balance, with a fruit-driven, approachable palate perfect for just about any food pairing.

  • Valencia Delmoro Blanco 
  • Valencia Delmoro Tinto