Juanvi is a small-scale, artisan winery established in 2008 in the town of Rubielos de Mora in the Sierra de Gúdar-Javalambre mountains at 1000m, surrounded by beautiful peaks and scenic vistas in every direction. The region has a strong continental climate, with a wide daily variation of temperatures from very cold at night and very hot during the day. It is a region that was once thought to be too high in elevation to make wine, but with the weather change brought on by global warming, the area has become very interesting for quality wine.

The vineyards for Juanvi are located in the two towns of Rubielos de Mora (an hour and a half northwest of Valencia) and Báguena (another hour and a half into the interior of Aragón), one of the most remote and wild regions in Spain. In this part of the country, there are more vines than people by a long shot, and much of it is very old-vine garnacha, traditional bush vines growing in isolation, unswayed by fashion or trends.

Garnacha, syrah, tempranillo, and miguel de arcos vines are farmed organically by Juanvi and his local vineyard manager Melchor Ramos, who, at 63 years young and counting, has literally dedicated his life to saving these old bush-trained vines and farms all of his vineyards by hand without the aid of machinery, because he feels he gets a better result working manually. No one knows the region better than Melchor, who is cut from the hard rock of his landscape.

Rubielos de Mora is a youthful, fruit-driven red wine with good ripeness but also exceptional freshness and acidity, and the wine is both juicy and light at the same time. It’s a fresh, tasty, and easy-to-drink new-school Mediterranean wine.

  • Rubielos de Mora – Garnacha / Tempranillo
  • Garnacha Miguel De Arcos Quercus
  • La Viña De Báguena