Itxas Harri, located in the village of Monteagudo in the northern Basque region of Navarra, was the dream of Ignacio Ameztoi and his long-time friend and winemaking partner, Iñaki Guelbenzu. Inspired by the ability of wines from Navarra to pair well with vegetables and fish, they learned from older farmers in the area where the best plots could be found, with the goal of making delicate, expressive wines to compliment hard-to-pair vegetables, like the local artichoke. Finally, they were able to convince a retiring farmer to sell them 2ha of old vines in the right location.

The resulting wines from Itxas Harri defy standard logic; Navarra lies inland, yet the wines have a restraint and freshness with lower alcohol levels which we associate with the coastal areas. This was the result of the right climate and marine-bed vineyard for which Ignacio and Iñaki had been searching.

  • Navarra Garnacha Ŕoxa – Old-Vine Garnacha Rosé (also available in 250ml can)
  • Navarra Beltza- Garnacha / Tempranillo