In the early 1800s, farmers from the Overberg region imported a teacher by the name of Hermanus Pieters to teach their children Dutch, the forefunner to the Afrikaans language. Mostly paid in sheep, they used to graze at a fountain where he camped. This spot soon became known as “Hermanus Pieters’ Fontein”.

HPF combines a European mindset and gravity concept to minimize handling and intervention in the winemaking process. The conservation-conscious farm is located in South Africa’s cool climate, premium wine producing region and nestles in the sheltered mountainous area called Sondagskloof in Walker Bay. Less than 20% under vine, their viticulture strategy focuses on low-yield farming in the interest of quality.

  • Sauvignon Blanc Kaalvoet Meisie
  • Cabernet Franc Swartskaap
  • Merlot Posmeester Sunday’s Glen