Not your average California winery or wines. Winemaker Matthew Rorick describes his wines as “Rare Creatures from appellations unknown and varieties uncommon, these wines are our brave advance party, our pride and joy—our Forlorn Hope.” They are fans of the underdog, the longshot, the unconventional dreamers. Matthew is one of the leading California winemakers practicing non/low-intervention winemaking. His wines may be made from unusual varietals and appellations, but each is exquisitely crafted with fierce thought and care. Small production wines with huge spirit and character.

  • Amerikanischen Kobold 2013 Riesling
  • Que Saudade 2015 Verdelho
  • Suspiro del Moro 2015 Alvarelhao
  • The Kerrigans 2014 Carignan
  • San Hercurmer 2014 Barbera