Not your average California winery or wines. Winemaker Matthew Rorick has been the winemaker behind the Forlorn Hope wines since the inception of the label in 2005, and tends 75 acres of organically farmed grapevines at Rorick Heritage Vineyard. Matthew is one of the leading California winemakers practicing non/low-intervention winemaking.

Located in Calaveras County, just outside of the town of Murphys in the Sierra Foothills, the site was first ranched by the Shaw family in 1844. The property was purchased by Barden Stevenot in the 1960s; he became the godfather of the modern Calaveras County winegrowers. Barden eventually expanded the vineyard to its current 75 acres in 2000; Matthew Rorick purchased the property in 2013 and converted the farming to organic practices. At an elevation of 2000′, it is situated on limestone soils beneath a top layer of schist. The alpine growing season combined with limestone soils leave an indelible mark on the wines grown at RHV: beautiful aromatics, textural presence, and bright natural acidity are all hallmarks of the site.  His wines may be made from unusual varietals, but each is exquisitely crafted with fierce thought and care. These are genuine, small production wines with huge spirit and character.

  • Riesling Amerikanischen Kobold Kick On Ranch Santa Barbara County
  • Pinot Gris Dragone Ramato Rorick Heritage Vineyard Calaveras County
  • Barbera San Hercurmer Delle Frecce Sierra Foothills
  • Grenache Rorick Vineyard Calaveras County
  • Tempranillo San Roriz Rorick Heritage Vineyard

The Queen of the Sierra wines are a celebration of the steep limestone and schist slopes of Rorick Heritage Vineyard in the Sierra Foothills. Made from 100% Estate grown fruit, they are organically farmed, hand-harvested, spontaneously fermented by native yeasts, unfiltered and unfined, with nothing added but minimal effective sulfur.  These are honest and pure California estate wines made with soul that are approachable in price as well as in the glass.

  • Queen Of The Sierra Rorick Heritage Vineyard White Calaveras County
  • Queen Of The Sierra Rorick Heritage Vineyard Rosé Calaveras County
  • Queen Of The Sierra Rorick Heritage Vineyard Amber
  • Queen Of The Sierra Rorick Heritage Vineyard Red