Ferdinand wines are born in Brda – this unique Slovenian terroir nestled between the Adriatic, the Alps and Friuli, where the rolling hills are warmed by the Mediterranean sun during the day and caressed by the Alpine cold in the evening. The vineyards lie on steep, high elevation slopes that face mostly south and east.

All their decisions in the vineyard are made with the utmost respect for the land. They allow grass to grow between rows aiding in preventing erosion. When working and protecting against diseases in the vineyard, they only use natural preparations based on seaweed. The root system of the thirty to forty-year-old vineyards is branched and deep, making it easier to tolerate dry or wet vintages. The steep terroir does not allow a lot of machine work, and with mostly manual work, they can monitor the quality of their fruit more closely.

They are not looking for shortcuts in vinification either. After gently squeezing the grapes, the fermentation takes place naturally and there is no fining or filtering of the wines, thus preserving the typicity of the terroir as much as possible.

  • Brda Ribolla Gialla Rebula Época
  • Brda Rebula Brutus
  • Goriška Brda Malvasia
  • Brda Época Rdeče Rosso