Espaço Rural is practicing organic with very little irrigation in Alentejano, a region in which most irrigate freely because of the heat and the super-arid conditions. The Bojador wines come from newer vineyards that are about 15 years old, the white varietals planted in mostly granite, while the red varietals are also planted in schist. All of their wines are fermented using indigenous yeasts. The Bojador Talho (amphora) wines come from a 20 hectare plot of 60+ year old vines planted in sandy soils. In these vineyards, the red and white grapes are co-planted and these vines receive absolutely no irrigation.

  • Bojador Branco 
  • Bojador Branco Talho (aged in Amphorae)
  • Bojador Tinto 
  • Bojador Tinto Talho (aged in Amphorae)