Domaine Vallot sits in the southern Côtes du Rhône village of Le Coriançon, with vineyards planted on the hills above the winery at an altitude reaching 450m within the appellation of Vinsobres.

With their founding five generations ago, Domaine Vallot is one of the oldest domaines in the Côtes du Rhône. Their modern business was created by François Vallot, who is a fourth-generation vigneron. With an exceptional natural climate and a strong passion for quality, François Vallot was an early adopter of the organic and biodynamic movements in the southern Rhône. He began working in organics in the early 1990s and his vineyards gained official certification from Ecocert in the difficult 2003 vintage, which he credits as one of the reasons his wines were so fresh in a historically hot year. With many years of biodynamic farming under his belt, Domaine Vallot attained their Demeter biodynamic certification in 2007.

They have always utilized the natural yeasts present in the vineyard and spontaneous fermentation in traditional cement vats at Domaine Vallot. Their philosophy is that biodynamic grapes ensure healthy yeasts, which in turn yield nuanced, aromatic wine. Their work in traditional cement vessels allows for very slow heating and cooling, providing more control of fermentation and naturally even temperatures, without using excessive amounts of energy that refrigeration requires. They credit the cement vessels as being best suited to permitting their terroir to clearly transmit an inherent elegance, freshness, and approachability. The resulting wines of Domaine Vallot are a refreshing example of what can be done with exceptional southern Rhône terroir with the thoughtful intention and approach.

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