Domaine Breyton is located in the town of Beaumont-Monteux, in the southern section of
Crozes Hermitage. The estate is owned by Jacques Breyton, who farms 8 hectares of vines throughout the appellation. Jacques Breyton has been bottling his own wine since 2005. Previously he sold his yield to négociants and to the local co-op, but now he vinifies his own wine from five of his hectares of vines. He uses organic and biodynamic practices, and has been certified in both areas since 2000. Two thirds of his vineyards surround the winery. The soils here are galets: large alluvial stones which retain very little water. The other third of his vineyards lies in the northern sector, in the villages of Serves and Gervans. These
are dramatically steep, with granitic soils.