Marinella Camerani made the brave decision in the mid-1980s when she took over the family vineyard holdings to begin farming and producing wine organically in the foothills of the Lessini Mountains. Still to this day the Venetian old guard shuns this idea of organic production leaving Marinella and a handful of others as the only Biodynamic certified farms producing DOCG wines in the Veneto.

Today the winery tends 13 distinctive vineyard plots, all Biodynamic certified with vine densities ranging from 4,500 – 9,200 plants per hectare. The wines are all made from the classic Valpolicella blend of Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara – the vines average about 25 years of age and the grapes are all hand-harvested at optimal ripeness, which requires multiple passes through the vineyards.

Each wine of Corte Sant’Alda comes from a specific vineyard, which was chosen for its preferred position, grape varieties, age and training system, in order to make a specific wine that ensures a well-defined quality.

Fermentations are spontaneous (with native yeasts) and takes place in 40 hl oak conical vats, where temperature is partially controlled. At the end of this phase, which generally lasts 15 days and after racking, the wines are then aged in a variety of barrel sizes, made from both oak and cherry wood, with the exception of the Soave.

  • Soave
  • Verona Inti
  • Valpolicella Ca’ Fiui
  • Valpolicella Superiore Campi Magri Ripasso
  • Amarone della Valpolicella