Located in Alto Piemonte, Cieck is led by venerated Remo Falconieri who founded the winery in 1985. As one of the original five producers in the DOC San Giorgio Canavese, Cieck has helped lead the way in preserving the the ancient grape Erbaluce. The grape, which is believed to be auchtochtones to the Alpine part of Piemonte, dates back before 1606, when we find the first written record on Erbaluce. The name of the varietal alludes to the copper color the grape takes on as the sun hits the pergola-trained vines (“erba” meaning dawn and “luce” meaning light). In his eighties now, Remo works in the cellar daily alongside his daughter, Lia and is rightly known as the King of Sparkling Erbaluce.

  • Erbaluce di Caluso DOCG
  • Erbaluce di Caluso “T” DOCG
  • Erbaluce di Caluso Spumante “San Giorgio” DOCG