André Iché inherited an impressive 13th century castle and a large estate in the barren Minervois region. Iché was never a member of his village coop, tended his very old vines and made his wines but sold everything in bulk to local négociants. One day, a Burgundian winemaker happened to be in Oupia, tasted Iché’s wines, and was so enthused that he convinced Iché to bottle and market his production.

André expanded his vineyard holdings and started vinifying several cuvées of Minervois of his best grapes, the “Cuvée des Barons” and “Nobilis”, aged in new oak barrels. He rebuilt a cellar, and, after much deliberation,  bought and cleaned up some overgrown and steep terraces that had been abandoned since the late 19th century.

André passed away in late 2007. His daughter, Marie-Pierre, currently runs the estate with the help of Fabrice Lopez and many old timers who know the land like the back of their hands.

  • IGP Pays D’Hérault “Les Hérétiques” – Carignan | Grenache