Nathan Carlson and Mike Sinor are making estate wines of exceptional quality. Located in Edna Valley, the duo focuses all their effort on Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. With almost 30 combined years of winemaking, Nathan and Mike embrace skillful cultivation, artful winemaking, and a passion for excellence. We believe these wines are one of the best values we’ve tasted from California!

  • Fossil Point Chardonnay Edna Valley
  • Fossil Point Pinot Noir Edna Valley
  • Fossil Point Rosé Central Valley
  • Effort Rosé Edna Valley
  • Chardonnay Effort Edna Valley
  • Pinot Noir Effort Edna Valley
  • Center of Effort Chardonnay Edna Valley 
  • Center of Effort Pinot Noir Edna Valley