A third generation estate of the Ruivo family, Casa de Darei is a gorgeous 150-hectare property nestled in the Dão Valley in central Portugal, in the municipality of Mangualde. A dedicated natural reserve comprises the vast majority of the area, with beautiful forests that line the Dão River, verdant farmland for cattle, apple orchards, and 6.8 hectares of certified organic grape vines. Darei is the name of the town that the winery sits in, with a population of only 40 people. At the moment, the total production for the estate is just 45,000 bottles annually, focused on the local and indigenous white and red varieties. As a result of the winemaker’s sincere focus on traditionally made wines using old cement lagares and beautiful old presses, the wines are clear, focused, and speak to the terroir of the area.

  • Dão Vinho Branco
  • Dão Tinto
  • Dão Reserva
  • Dão Sem Abrigo Reserva