Proving Andalucia can make complex, modern Spanish wines by embracing age-old traditions. Luis Pérez is focused on resurrecting the pre-industrial styles of sherry made in the 18th/19th centuries – unfortified and vintage dated where ripeness of grapes and natural terruño dictate the wine’s style (rather than decisions made in the cellar). Wines are made from certified organic vineyards. Grapes are picked by hand in several passes. All fermentations are spontaneous. Aging takes place in tank or ancient botas.

El Muelle de Olaso is named after a well-known pier that used to stand in Sanlúcar. This unusual non-fortified Palomino is a blend of wines cool fermented in stainless steel plus 20% of sun dried grapes fermented in seasoned oak. The savoury touch and mineral finish really expresses the layered albariza soils where the grapes come from.

Caberrubia is an unfortified and ancestral style of Sherry that once was commonplace in Jerez called “Selección de Añadas”. Caberrubia is harvested in early September, dried for 6-7 hours, then crushed by foot in lagars. The wine is then racked into botas, where indigenous yeast begins the fermentation. After fermentation, the wines with the most “Fino” character are racked into barrels leaving only a small space at top for the development of flor. Each year a selection of the most suitable casks is made to release a NV wine that expresses the fruit concentration and salinity characteristic of Carrascal.

  • El Muelle de Olaso – Palomino Fino + Pedro Ximenez
  • Caberrubia Carrascal – unfortified Fino sherry