In 2010, newlyweds Davide and Daniella Bellini made the bold decision to leave the winery in which they were then involved to pursue their own dynamic project. Natives of the storied winemaking zone of Bramaterra, they sought a quiet place immersed in nature where they could ultimately produce world-class wines of Alto Piemonte. Crus is located in the heart of Upper Piedmont, on the hills of the Municipality of Masserano. The estate is currently spread over a total area of ​​six hectares, three of which are vineyards. Davide and Daniela are committed to managing their land organically. In fact, 2020 marks the first vintage of certified organic wines from Azienda Crus. The proximity to the woods provides an ecosystem richness that preserves the biological balances and biodiversity of the territory. No herbicides, chemical fertilizers or synthetic plant protection products are used.

  • Pepun Vino Rosso
  • Bramaterra Mumbèl