Vinho Verde- Aphros produces wines that are an expression of their region, reflecting the unique soil conditions and varietals that are exclusive to the Vinho Verde region of Portugal. Vasco Croft leads this project as winemaker, with Rui Cunha as a consultant winemaker. The Aphros team harvests from 3 different Quintas, the oldest of which dates back to the 16th century. The sites are farmed using biodynamic techniques, producing harmony between soil, plants, animals, and human activity. No artificial chemicals are added to the soil and only natural compost and manure is used for fertilization. The wines that result from this care of the land are part of the “Slow Wine Movement” that is happening across Portugal.

  • Aphros Ten 2015 (White Blend)
  • Loureiro 2014 (Single-Varietal White)
  • Vinhao 2016 (Single-Varietal Red)
  • Silenus 2010