Getaraiko Txakolina, Basque Country-Just 30 minutes down the coast from San Sebastian in the seaside fishing village of Getaria, Ameztoi’s vineyards overlook the Atlantic Ocean. The Ameztoi family has been winemaking here for seven generations, utilizing the indigenous Hondarribi Zuri and Hondarribi Beltza grapes to craft a light, crisp wine bottled with residual carbonation to give it its signature natural spritz.  This spritz makes Txakolina an ideal pair with seafood or the local favorite: pintxos (Northern Spain’s version of tapas). Ameztoi is known as one of the very greatest traditional producers of Txakolina.

  • Rose “Rubentis” 2016 (50% Hondarribi Zuri 50% Hondarribi Beltza)
  • Txakolina Blanco 2016 (90% Hondarribi Zuri 10% Hondarribi Beltza)
  • Champenois Rose “Hijo de Rubentis”  2014 (100% Hondarribi Beltza)