Serbia – Located in northern Serbia, in Fruška Gora (which is often referred to as the “Jewel of Serbia” as it is a beautiful National Park that surrounds the Fruška Gora mountain peak) – the winery Agrina was established in 1991.

Historically, invasions from the south began to disrupt Serbia’s many monasteries. So, many of these monasteries moved all their belongings north and settled in the remote hills between the Danube and Syrmia, a fertile section of the Pannonian plain. As with many monasteries, they began to cultivate grapes and soon found that the region was ideal for viticulture.

This winery specializes in village wines; that’s to say, unpretentious, easy-to-drink, food-friendly wines that are meant to be served fresh and drunk in no small quantity. Their Portuguiser (commonly know as Blauer Portugieser in Austria and Germany) is comparable to Beaujolais in style. The grapes are harvested in August before being vinified in stainless steel and bottled for sale in November.

  • Portuguiser