Vinho Verde – 21 Hectares over three vineyards (Quinta da Casa da Torre, Quinta do Cruzeiro, and Quinta da Senra), all in the Ava sub-region of Vinho Verde. Owned by the Sousa Lopes family and headed by Goncalo Sousa Lopes. Integration Protection method of farming, growing, harvesting, and vinifying as per agreed upon stipulations by an organization of winemakers (alternative to the very expensive organic certification). All grapes (50% Alvarinho, 50% Loureiro) for the Sousa Lopes Unfiltered come from the Quinta da Casa da Torre vineyard (granitic soils, gentle slopes with 2-5% gradient), are predominantly south-facing and sit at an altitude of 280 meters.

  • Sousa Lopes Enologico 2013