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As the global COVID-19 crisis has extended into our local communities, millions of people in the US food, beverage, and hospitality industries have suddenly found themselves without jobs, businesses, and the means to support themselves.

While most restaurants have completely closed, many retailers remain open and are expanding offerings of essential goods. Some restaurants are adapting their business models to focus on pickup and delivery service to keep our communities safe and well-supplied at home. We’ve compiled resources here for those in need, as well as those in a fortunate enough position to give. Please scroll this page for links to organizations providing relief and ways to support local food, beverage, and hospitality jobs and businesses. Together we can help maintain our communities and preserve our culture.

Resources for Workers & Businesses

Below are links to organizations providing immediate relief to individuals & businesses affected by recent closures/loss of business as a direct result of COVID-19. If you are able please consider donating to one of these organizations.

How else can we support local food & beverage jobs and businesses in our communities?

For many of us stuck alone in our homes, we can still have essentials brought to us or pick them up in our own neighborhoods. Some ABC regulations are temporarily withdrawn to help businesses adapt and survive. For example, restaurants who only have a license to serve alcoholic beverages on-premise are allowed to sell alcoholic beverages off-premise (to-go), so if you’re picking up food from a neighborhood favorite you can likely grab a bottle of wine to go with it. Both retail and restaurant licenses are temporarily allowed to deliver alcohol without a special delivery permit, so you can likely have beer and wine delivered to you by a local business.

Now more than ever supporting local, independent restaurants and retailers is vital to the survival of our community.  When we make decisions about who we support in the coming months we are framing the social and cultural landscape of what our cities will likely look like when this crisis is over.

Dining at a Distance™ was developed in response to the COVID-19 crisis that took hold in March 2020, wreaking havoc on the hospitality community.  This is a great resource site to find local restaurants and retailers who are providing safe to-go options for eating & drinking in the comfort of your own home. 

If you would like to specifically help support Free Run’s producers, customers, and team- please contact us and share your location. We will promptly send you specific wine recommendations at local businesses near you.

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How we respond to these challenges and support each other will define us and our communities in years to come.  In supporting our local businesses we can continue to take comfort in the beautiful simple pleasures of good food and good wine - which have the unique ability to take us places and make us feel connected even while we are apart.

All of us at Free Run, like many of our friends and peers, are working on creative ways to stay connected in this time of social distancing. We are hosting live events via social media, and building virtual bridges to connect our winery partners and our communities. Please follow us on Instagram to stay connected, or contact us by any means if we can help. Together we will weather this storm.