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L’Enclos des Braves

A small, hilly 6 hectare vineyard in the Gaillac region, northeast of Toulouse.  Here Nicolas Lebrun uses indigenous grapes to make darkly soulful wines from 30-45 year old vines on limestone rich clay soils.  Adhering to biodynamic principles, he uses only indigenous yeasts, hand-harvests, and uses only the bare minimum SO2 at bottling.

  • Gourmand Sec Blanc 2013 (Sauvignon, Loin d’Oeil)
  • Gourmand Sec Rouge 2012 (Brancol, Duras)
  • Gourmand Sec Blanc  ‘12 (Sauvignon, Loin de l’Oeil) 
  • Gourmand Sec Rouge  ‘12 (Braucol, Duras)